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Happy guests
Our whole family would like to thank you and Sacred Himalaya Travel for such an enjoyable and incredible trip. Your hospitality and concern for every aspect of our journey went beyond our expectation and allowed us to completely relax and enjoy the natural and spiritual beauty of Bhutan. We especially appreciate your knowledge of Bhutanese culture and Buddhist philosophy and your ability to create circumstances for us to get directly engaged in both.
The Lieblich FamilyUSA
Led by Tshetem and his staff at Sacred Himalaya Travel, four of us completed an 18 day version of the Snowman Trek starting in Sephu walking in to Thanza and returning via Dur in October 2014. This route into the Lunana Valley is a challenging and stunning cross section of Bhutan.Sacred Himalaya Travel and his staff provided excellent service, support, and food despite a very remote setting. We had three hot meals per day, morning and afternoon tea, and hot water bottles at night.
Blythe MarstonAlsaka

I completed a version of the Snowman Trek in October 2014 with Sacred Himalaya Travel (SHT) going from Sephu - Thanza - Dhur in 18 days. Tshetem Norbu, General Manager of Sacred Himalaya Travel, led our group of four hikers from Alaska and was supported by 4 of his staff and contract yaks and herders. The 18 days included 3 layover days for rest and acclimatization. We had generally excellent weather and no significant health nor logistical issues.

Mark McDermottAnchorage, Alaska