Winter Festival

Festivals in Bhutan are mostly Tshechus (10th day of the lunar calendar month) celebrated in honor of Guru Rinpoche. Each district in Bhutan celebrate this festival at different times and it is believed that one can gain merits and purify one’s soul by viewing the many sacred dances performed during this festival. The most interesting ones during winter are Lhuentse, Trongsa and Tashigang.

Highlights: Landscape, People and culture, religious mask dance, monuments, mammals & birds, farmhouse stay, textiles, hot spring, hot-stone bath.

Lhuntshe Tshechu

Location: Luntshe, East Bhutan
Date of festival: 7th to 9th Jan, 2017
Tour Duration: 12 nights

Trongsa Tshechu

Date of festival: 7th to 9th Jan, 2017
Tour duration: 9 nights.

Tashigang Tshechu

Location: East Bhutan.
Date of festival: 8th to 10th December, 2016
Tour duration: 12 nights