The Nabji-Korphu Trail

The Nabji-Korphu trail is the first pilot project initiated by Tourism Council of Bhutan(TCB) in collaboration with Association of Bhutan Tour Operators(ABTO) and National park. This special community is called Monpa tribe, these villages were recently exposed to the nation in late 1990’s. Despite being hidden by mountains and rivers, their Parents having lived in isolation throughout their lives, they are believed to be hunting tribe, food gatherers and shifting  cultivators, weaving of bamboo and cane product. unique dialects and they believe in animals sacrifices and Bon religion.they are considered first inhabitants of Bhutan. Now specific measures are put in place to maximize socio-economic benefits and minimize negative impacts from tourism development.The community will have the sole responsibility to manage and provide services on the trek. The revenue so generated will go directly into community bank account.

Location: Trongsa
Highlights: Rufous necked Horn bill, Golden Langur, Black Panther, Bengal Tiger,
Tour duration: 10nights.
Best season: Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar.