Spring Festivals

In spring, some of the tshechus you will be able to catch are at Punakha, Zhemgang and Domkhar. Tshechus are perfect time to glimpse the colourful Bhutanese culture. You will be able to catch everyone with their finery lined up to see the performances.

Highlights: Mask dances, religious monuments, River rafting, Mountain biking, Archery, Hot spring, flowers, village hiking.

Punakha Tshechu

Location: Punakha
Date of festival: 17th to 19th Feb, 2016
Tour duration: 7 nights

Zhamgang Tshechu

Location: central Bhutan
Date of festival: 15th to 19th March, 2016
Tour duration: 11 nights

Domkhar Tshechu

Location: Chummi Valley, Bumthang.
Date: 16th to 18th April, 2016
Duration: 11 nights