Snowman Trek: “Dancing Yak”

This is a 25 days journey through “Sacred Himalaya” to explore the hidden mystics of the snow laden terrain of the Himalayas by foot. This Dancing Yak Trek starts from remote semi-nomadic village of Sephu and takes you to the highest settlement at Lunana. You will be crossing over 10 high passes of more than 15000ft in altitude with the highest point of the trek being at 17898ft. Trek continues towards east to Dhur tshachu, a hot spring camp where you will be able to take pleasure and soak away your weariness in this gift of nature, finally exiting to Bumthang. Whats is special about this trek is that your group will probably be the only one on this trail and you will be supporting the highlander community by using their Yaks as your pack animal. The story of dancing Yak will be shared over the camp fire.

Tour Duration: 25 days

Trek: 20 days

Grade: Strenuous

Highest altitude: 5455m/17898ft

Outline Itinerary

27th Sept: Arrive to Paro

28th Sept: Acclimatization hike to Takshang (Tigers Nest)drive to Thimphu

29th Sept: Thimphu sightseeing and 3 hr drive to Punakha

30th  Oct: Punakha sightseeing

Trek starts

01st Oct:  Sephu to Murothang. Time: 6 to 7 hr. Distance: 11miles/17km

02nd  Oct: Mourothang  (Day halt) for acclimatization

03rd Oct: Murothang to Tampoetsho.  Time: 6hr. Distance: 12miles/19km

04th Oct: Tampoe Thso  to Tongsa Thang.  Time: 6hrs. Distance: 9 ½miles / 15km

05th Oct: Tongsa Thang to Yango. Time: 3 ½ hr. Distance: 8miles/12km

06th Oct: Yango – Day halt

07th Oct: Yango to JichuDramo. Time: 6hrs,   Distance: 10miles/16km

08th Oct: JichuDramo to Tshochena: Time: 6hr, Distance: 12miles/19 ½km

09th Oct: Tshochena to Thanza, Lunana. Time: 7hr. Distance: 10miles/16km

10th Oct:  Thanza – Day halt

11th Oct:  Thanza to Tshorim: Time: 6hrs. Distance: 9miles/14km

12th Oct: Tshorim to Zharim: Time: 7 ½ hrs. Distance: 9miles/ 14km

13th Oct: Zharim to Minchugang. Time: 7hrs. Distance: 9.9miles/1km

14th Oct: Minchugang to Uruthang.  Time: 6hrs. Distance: 7miles / 11½ km

15th Oct: Uruthang to Dhur Tshachu. Time: 5½hrs. Distance: 6.2miles / 10km

16th Oct: Dhur Tahschu – day halt

17th Oct: Dhur Tshachu to Tsho Chenchen. Time: 8½hrs. Distance: 9.9miles/16km

18th Oct: Tsho ChenChen to ChokChomi. Time: 7hrs. Distance: 9.3miles/15km

19th Oct: ChokChomi to Dhur Metsi Zam. Jakar, Bumthang. Time: 6hrs. Distance: 8.1miles/13km

20th October: Flight to Paro

21st Oct:  Airport drop