A Weavers Journey to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

Textile Of Home,Heart And Spirit: A Weavers Journey To The Himalayan Kingdom Of Bhutan

Kira, Traditional dress for womenKira, Traditional dress for womenIn Bhutan, where art and life are deeply woven, textiles and weavings hold a central place in Bhutanese homes, hearts and spirit. Temples and fortresses are richly adorned with painted and embroidered images of deities and sacred textiles used for Buddhist rituals. On Thimphu's streets, Bhutanese walk past new internet shops in age old traditional costumes of kira and go. Handmade textiles gracefully serve all parts of life from monks robes, to yak wool hats, horse blankets, and 2 story high sacred thondrels that bless onlookers at local festivals. The preparation of wool, silk, cotton, hemp and yak fibers, natural dyeing, weaving, cutting, stitching and embroidery continue today as they have for centuries In Thimphu meet Bhutanese textile experts and visit one of the remaining traditional yak boot makers. By special arrangement stay overnight in a traditional home in a weaving village. End your stay along the remote Eastern edge of Bhutan and join colorful , sacred festivals. 16 days Travel from Paro-to exit from Sandrup Jongkhar, Eastern Bhutan. Tour Seasons Fall, Winter, Spring

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