East to West - Bhutanese Textiles of Home, Heart and Spirit: June 22-July 3, 2012

This journey takes you across the stunning geography of Bhutan from East to West. From its bordering lowland to its high passes fluttering with prayer flags. On the way, visit villages renowned for their traditions of dyeing, weaving, cutting, stitching and embroidery. The preparation of wool, wild silk, cotton, nettle, hemp and yak fibers continue today as they have for centuries as village women create textiles of stunning beauty. Experience Bhutanese gentle hospitality and good humor. Overnight in a weavers village. Join a sacred festival in Bumthang, Bhutan’s spiritual heartland, as villagers come to celebrate in their finest heirloom woven robes. Climb to Taksang, or Tigers Nest, a sacred monastery perched on a hillside overlooking Paro valley. Our guides from the East have deep knowledge of their local language, textile traditions and culture.

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