Bhutan Birding Trips

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Bhutan has 72% of forest cover with 9 protected areas that connect with biological corridors. This makes the country rich and diverse in birds and animal species. Subtropical & warm broadleaved forest grows along the foothills up to 1,200m and Cool broad-leaved forest grows on moist exposed slope up to 2,900m.

There are 685 species that have been recorded so far & many more are likely to be found as more birders visit the country and make their discoveries. Around 464 species are resident although some of these are augmented by winter visitors that breed further north. Some residents are sedentary throughout the year, whilst others undertake irregular movements, either locally or more widely in the region, moving around according to the abundance of their food supply.

Bhutan’s 14 species identified as globally threatened by Birdlife International include:

1) White-bellied Heron,
2) Pallas`s Fish Eagle,
3) Chestnut-breasted Partridge,
4) Blyth`s Tragopan,
5) Wood Snipe,
6) Dark-rumped Swift,
7) Rufous-necked Hornbill,
8) Grey-crowned Prinia,
9) Beautiful Nuthatch.
10) Black-necked Crane.
11) Greater-spotted Eagle.
12) White-bellied Heron.
13) Pallas`s Fish Eagle.
14) Black-necked Cranes.

Season: Feb to May ---Sept to Dec.
Location: Central Bhutan OR East to West of Bhutan is the paradise for Birders.
Places: Paro (Chella Pass), Thimphu. (Tago, Cheri), Punakha (Tashithang), Shemgang (Tingtibi), Trongsa, Narphung, Deothang and SamdrupJongkhar.

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