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TshetemManaging Director & Guide Tshetem Norbu is a gentle soul who embodies Buddhist ethics, integrity and great humor. Originally from Eastern Bhutan, Tshetem owns and operates Sacred Himalaya Travel.

Since 1995, he has been a professional guide NOLsNOLsleading tours and treks through Bhutan. He brings a deep knowledge of the cultural, religious and natural history of his country. He is also a great birder. He was awarded a National Outdoor Leadership scholarship to the USA and graduated from rigorous training in 2005.

For more information please contact: tshetem@sacredhimalayatravel.com

Sacred Himalaya Travel
P.O. Box 830

Laxmi Sherpa


General Manager

Laxmi has worked with Sacred Himalaya Travel since the begining. She handles the Management works of all Tours and is the person behind Sacred Himalaya's smooth operation.

To contact her please mail to:



Wendy ErdTour Agent & Trip Leader Wendy Erd has traveled over the past several years in Bhutan, and shares a deep love for Bhutanese wisdom and ways.

Wendy brings over 25 years experience of traveling and staying in small vilages in Asia, a rough and tumble adaptability as a former Alaskan salmon fisherman, and her daily life as an expat in Asia, to help arrange tours, and smooth the unexpected. As a trip leader, she seeks opportunities for small moments of humor and grace when travelers can experience the extraordinary connection with the ordinary lives of others.

She currently lives between Hanoi, Vietnam, Yunnan, China, and Homer, Alaska, where she helps communities tell stories in printed and video documentaries.

For more information and tour arrangements please contact:

Sacred Himalaya Travel of Alaska
P.O. Box 736
Homer, Alaska 99603

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