Pilgrimage journey to the Four Great Cliff (DRA) of Bumthang

This Pilgrimage Journey takes you to Bumthang valley, which is host to many religious sites, especially the four Dra (cliffs) where Guru Rinpoche had mediated. Today locals who go to pay homage and offer prayers revere these places as sacred. Along the tour, you can also visit the 7th century Jampa lhakhang & Kichu lhakhang which is among some of the oldest temples in Bhutan, stay at village farm houses according to your preference, enjoy medicinal herbal bath and engage with the community.

Tour duration: 12 days

Location: Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Trongsa, Bumthang.

Choe-Dra & Tharpeling Monastery: Choe-Dra and Tharpeling monastery is located at Chumy valley in Bumthang. Choe-Dra is one of the “DRA” among four great “Dras” in Bumthang valley. This is the place where Guru Rimpoche meditated. There is a meditation cave also of Longchen Ramjam or Longchenpa and a rock throne, where he completed writing the “Seven Treasures”. Tharpeling monastery was founded by Longchenpa and used for meditation by many Buddhist masters like, Jigme Lingpa and Khyentse Rimpoche. The place is situated at 3600m in elevation and is 25 minutes by car on a dirt road from Chumy valley, Bumthang.

Thowa-Dra Monastery: The supreme sacred place of Thowadra is widely famed as one of the four great cliffs “DRA” situated in the upper Tang valley, Bumthang, Bhutan. It is a special place blessed by Gelongma Palmo, one of the eighty Mahasiddhas of India. She saw the vision of Avalokiteshvara and after attaining supreme accomplishment got rid of leprosy of which she was affected from very early age. Guru Rimpoche visited here in person and he left body imprints and footprints as basis of faith for the future generations. Many other great Buddhist masters also followed the footpath of Guru like Longchenpa,Terton Pemalingpa.

Kuenzang-Dra Monastery: Guru Rimpoche also meditated here. The present site was founded in 1488, by Pema Lingpa and was used as one of his residences. It will take 2 hrs of drive on dirt road towards the Chel Tang valley to the Monastery. Apart from Pema Lingpa’s living quarters, the monastery has three temples; one is Wangkhang, in which principle statue is Avalokiteshvara with thousand eyes and arms resides, Oezerphug, the meditation cave of Pema Lingpa’s son Dawa Gyeltshen and Khandro lhakhang, which contains a glided copper statue of Pema Lingpa.

Shug-Dra Monastery: Shug-Dra monastery is also one among the great four Cliffs “Dra “of Bumthang valley. Guru Rimpoche had visited all the four Dra, and mediated there in order to gain power to subdue the local deity Sheling Karpo. It is believed that later, Tertonpa reveled treasure from this site. The site is located in upper Chhokor toe “Dharma” valley of Bumthang, 45 minutes’ drive on dirt road above Thangbi mani Lhakhang.