Merak and Sakteng in 2015

sht12 nights inside Merek and Sakteng wildlife sanctuary and eastern Bhutan

Sakteng wildlife sanctuary is virtually untouched by development. Bird species include the Assamese macaw, blood pheasant, grey backed shrike, grey headed woodpecker, common hoopoe, rufous vented tit and dark breasted rose finch. The national flower Blue poppy grow abundantly in sakteng .
Sakteng is home to the isolated Nomad tribe. After every 3 years they celebrate a special festival .In this journey you will experience the nomad culture their way of leaving and beyond that.
Eastern Bhutan is one of the least explored regions of the kingdom and offers one of most authentic experiences for adventure-oriented tourists. The entire region is awash in unspoiled natural beauty, towering cliffs and pristine forests with great variations in altitude and climate .Also enjoy a visit to the ancient Dzong telling their own story of Bhutanese fine Architecture
Lets Go
21st june : arrive at the Gauhatti airport and recive by sacred Himalaya travel guide. Travel to S/jongkher .
22nd june : Samdrupjongkher to Tashigang
23rd june : Tashigang
24th june : Tashigang to Donmangchu ( trek start)
25th june : Donmabgchu to Merek
26th june : Merek to Miksateng
27th june : Miksateng to Sakteng
28th june : Sakteng (nomad festival)
29th june : sakteng to Joynkherteng to Tashigang
30th june : Tashigang to Gomkora and Tashiyangthey
1st july : Tashi yangtshey to tashigang
2nd july : Tashigang to S.jongkher
3rd july : Travelling onwards to your destination