Laya – Gasa Trek

This 14 days trek can also be called Queen of Himalayas. It is quite popular because it traverses a great cross section of Bhutan as it winds from the Paro valley up to Laya and Lingshi in Northwest of Bhutan. Fewer visitors a year make their way into Laya, one of the most culturally and ecologically pristine regions in the long arc of the Himalayas. The scenery along the way, past the elegant Mount Jhomolhari is awe-inspiring with views of alpine landscape, snowcapped mountains and crystal lakes dotted with yak hair tents of the migratory yak herders. When you descend to Gasa, you can soak away your aches in the hot springs before ending the trek and driving back to Thimphu and to Paro.

Grade: Moderate/ Demanding
Trek Duration: 14 days

Tour Duration: 15 nights
Distance: 125miles / 202km.
Season: (Apr, May, June – Sept, Oct, Nov)

Outline Itinerary

Day1. Arrive to Paro. Alt: 2235m /7330ft.

Day2. Paro Taksang hike and onwards to Shana Camp. Alt: 2890m/9480ft.

Day3. Shana to Soi ThangThangka Camp(8 hrs/ 22 kms). Alt: 3575m/11,730ft.

Day4. Soi Thang Thangka to Jangothang Camp(5 hrs/ 17kms). Alt: 4044m/13260ft.

Day5. Explore Jangothang. Alt: 4044m/13260ft.

Day6. Jangothang to Lingshi Camp(6 hrs/ 21 kms). Alt: 4010 m/13,150ft.

Day7. Lingshi to Chebisa Camp(5 hrs/ 15km). Alt: 3990m/13,090 ft.

Day8. Chebisa to Shakyapasang Camp(6 hrs/ 14.5 kms). Alt: 4000m/13120ft.

Day9. Shakyapasang to Robluthang Camp(8hrs/ 16kms). Alt: 4160m/13,645ft.

Day10. Robluthang to Limithang Camp(7hrs/ 14 km). Alt: 4160m /13,645ft.

Day11. Limithang to Laya Camp(4 hrs/ 9 kms). Alt: 3800m/12,465ft.

Day12. Rest day at Laya. Alt: 3800m/12,465ft.

Day13. Laya to Koina Camp(7 hrs/ 16 kms). Alt: 3240m/10627ft.

Day14. Koina to Gasa Tshachu (Hot spring). Alt: 2220m/7282ft.

Day15. Gasa Tsachu to Punakha and to Thimphu. Alt: 2320m/76096ft.

Day16. Thimphu to Paro for airport drop(1 ½ hrs).