Jomolhari, Lingshi – Thimphu Trek

Popularly known as “Dhodina Trek”, it takes you up to an altitude of 4,000m/ 13000ft crossing Nyile Lap Pass at 4890m/1640ft to Lingshi. This is a popular route and is partly because of its access to Paro and Thimphu and the fact that it is of moderate difficulty. In addition, the duration of the trek is ideal for most trekkers. The Chance to trek to the base of the impressive Mt. Jumolhari with beautiful campsites and amazing views of Mt. Jichu Drakey, Mt. Tshering Gang and Mt. Masang-Gang are the other reasons why this trek deserves it reputation.

Grade: moderate/ demanding
Trek Duration: 8 days
Tour Duration: 12 nights
Distance: 82.5miles/ 133km

Outline Itinerary

Day1. Arrive to Paro. Alt: 2235m/ 7330ft.

Day2. Hike to Taksang(Tiger’s Nest) and camp at Shana. Alt: 2,890m/9840ft.

Day3. Shana to Soi Thangthangka Camp( 7 hrs/ 22 kms). Alt gain: 685m2250ft. Alt Loss: Nil. Alt: 3575m/ 11726ft.

Day4. Soi Thangthangka to Jangothang Camp(5 hrs/ 11 kms). Alt gain: 469m/1530ft. Alt:4044m/13260ft.

Day5. Rest at Jangothang Camp. Alt:4044m/ 13260ft.

Day6. Jangothang to Lingshi Camp(6 hrs/ 21 kms). Alt gain: 845m/2,780ft. Alt loss: 880m/2,890ft. Alt: 4010m/13150ft.

Day7. Lingshi to Shodu Camp(7hrs/ 22kms). Alt gain: 940m/ 3085ft. Alt loss: 870m/2855ft. Alt: 4080m/13,380ft.

Day8. Shodu to Barshong Camp(6 hrs/ 14 kms). Alt gain: 130m/426ft. Alt: 12,200ft/3720m.

Day9. Barshong to Dolam Kencho Camp(6 hrs/ 15 kms). Alt loss: 430m/1410ft. Alt: 3,290m/10,790ft.

Day10. Dolam Kencho to Dodena, Thimphu (3hrs/ 7 kms). Alt gain: 160m/525ft. Alt loss: 675m/2214ft. Alt: 2320m/76096ft.

Day11. Drive 3 hrs from Thimphu to Punakha. Alt: 1200m/ 3936ft.

Day12. Drive 4 ½ hrs from Punakha to Paro. Alt: 2235m/ 7330ft.

Day13. Airport drop.