Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

This trek passes through the alpine grazing land with 108 beautiful lakes. The highlight of this trek is the beautiful scenery of pristine lakes with mystical history and views of Himalayan mountain ranges including some of the highest peaks like Mt. Everest, Kanchen Janga, Jomolhari, Jichu Drake and Masang Gang. This trek used to serve as the trade route from Thimphu to south Dagana during the ancient times as well as cattle migration route during summer and winter.

Grade: Moderate
Trek Duration: 5 days.
Tour Duration:
10 nights
Distance: 23miles/ 37km.
Season: (Mar, Apr, May, June – Sept, Oct, Nov)

Outline Itinerary

Day1. Arrive to Paro, drive for 1 ½ hr to Thimphu for overnight. Alt: 2235m / 7330ft.

Day2. Thimphu sightseeing. Alt: 2320m / 7656ft.

Day3. Thimphu to Gayni Zampa camp. Alt: 2850m / 9348ft.

Day4. Gayni Zampa to Gur (4 hrs). Alt gain: 2820m /9024ft. Alt loss: Nil. Alt: 3350m /10988ft.

Day5. Gur to Labatama (4 to 5 hrs). Alt gain: 820m/ 2690ft. Alt: 4050m / 13,285ft.

Day6. Labatama to Kewi Chowa (4hrs). Alt gain: 785ft/240m. Alt loss: 1610ft/ 370m. Alt: 13,220ft / 4030m.

Day7. KiwiChowa to Thimphu (5hrs). Alt gain: 505ft/155m. Alt loss: 6180ft/1885m. Alt: 2320m / 7,6096ft.

Day8. Thimphu to Punakha (3hrs / 77 km). Alt: 1200m / 936ft.

Day9. Punakha to Paro (4hrs / 140 km). Alt: 2235m / 7330ft.

Day10. Day Hike to Taksang (Tigers Nest). Alt: 2235m / 7330ft.

Day11. Airport drop.