Community Based Tourism: PHUBJIKHA

Phubjikha valley has become one of the most popular tourist destinations, because it serves as habitat for the globally endangered species, the Black necked Cranes. Another local attraction is Gangtey Gonpa, the present seat of Pema Lingpa, the foremost terton (discoverer of spiritual treasures) and famous saint of the 15th century.

While Phubjikha valley has hotels and guesthouses due to its popularity as a tourist destination, it is still a unique valley removed from the buzz of the capital city not far off and we strongly encourage our guest to use farmhouses, so that the community is directly benefited.

Location: Phubjikha Valley, Wangdue.
Highlights: Black necked crane festival, Nature trail, Horse ride, Mountain bike ride, Hot-stone bath, Cooking local food, Potatoes planting, Harvesting buckwheat, Milking cows and Temple visit.
Tour duration: 9 nights.
Best season for Black-necked Cranes: Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar.
Community Tourism visit: Apr, May, June, July, Sept.