Bhutan Flower Tour

The national flower “Blue poppy“ is one of the most exquisite and rare flowers in the country and found at an elevation of 3000m to 4000m. Above sea level. Blue Poppy “ Meconopsis spp ” has 13species and falls under the family of Papaveraceae. Blue Poppy also comes in Pink, White and Red colours. 8 species are found in Blue, One species in Red, few are White and Purple. The white coloured Blue Poppy is endemic and found in HAA. About 5,603 plants species have been identified in the country. 576 wild Orchids, 46species of Rhododendron, 300 species of Medicinal plants.

Rhododendron Flower tour

Highlight’s: Rhododendron flowers, festival, people & culture, Buddhist heritage site. Bhutan has been listed as one of the 10hotspot of biological diversity in the world. The forest from 1200m to 4800m elevation has an abundance of flowers, among 46 spices of rhododendron recorded so far, 4species have been found to be endemic. nature hike, white river rafting ,& mountain biking.

Outline Itinerary:

April 2016 – 8Nights

16Apr/16: Arrive to Paro, Sightseeing: and 1 ½ hr drive to capital city Thimphu. O/N

17Apr/16: Thimphu sightseeing : 45mitnues drive Lhampari botanical park. Camp Alt: 2000m / 6560ft.

18Apr/16: Attend full day on going rhododendron festival. Overnight at camp.

19Apr/16: Attend ½ day ongoing festival and drive 1 hr to Punakha, Alt: 1200m/ 3936ft.

20Apr/16: Punakha sightseeing, Overnight at Alt: 1200m / 3936ft.

21Apr/16: Punakha to Phubjikha : 72km / 2 ½ hr. Overnight at Phubjikha . Alt: 2900m/ 9512ft.

22Apr/16: Phubjikha to Paro: 5 to 6hr. Overnight at Paro. Alt: 2235m/7330ft.

23Apr/16: Day excursion to Taksang (Tiger’s nest) Overnight at Paro. Alt: 2235m/7330ft.

24Apr/16: Airport drop.

Blue poppy Tour

Season: (June, July, August)

Outline Itinerary:

Day1. Arrive to Paro : Overnight at Paro, Alt:2235m/7330ft.

Day2. Paro to Haa : 66km/ 3hr : Overnight at farm house Haa. Alt: 2670m / 8757ft.

Day3. Haa to Thimhpu: 112km / 4hr: Overnight at Thimphu. Alt: 2320m /7609ft.

Day4. Thimphu to Punakha: 77km /3hr: Overnight at Hotel. Alt:1350m / 4428ft.

Day5. Punakha to Thimphu: 77km/ 3hr: Overnight at Hotel. Alt: 2320m/7609ft.

Day6. Thimphu to Paro, “Taksang Hike”: 78km. 1 ½ hr drive: Overnight at Hotel: Alt: 2235m/ 7330ft.

Day7. Airport drop.